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7S in kaiyuan Fire

7S in kaiyuan Fire

7 s management content 
7 s refers to the seiri, seiton, seiso, setketsu, shitsuke, sucurity and saving.
7 s for shaping corporate image, reduce cost, on time delivery, production safety, high degree of standardization, create a relaxed and happy making a person, live to improve workplace played a huge role in such aspects, gradually by the management.
■SEIRI  Distinguish between required and discretionary, the scene is not placed discretionary:  
△The chaotic state pack into orderly state  
△ 7s management is to improve the constitution of the enterprise
△Seiri is also in order to improve enterprise's physical fitness
■SEITON Can be found within 30 seconds to find things, will find necessities time reduced to zero:  
△Can quickly remove.
△Can be used immediately.
△In the condition of can save.
■SEISO To keep jobs in state of no waste, no dust, neat and tidy,  
The object of the cleaning:  
△Floor, ceiling, wall, tool racks, cabinets, etc.
△Machines, tools, measuring appliance, etc.  
■SETKETSU Seiri, seiton, seiso, and institutionalized. Management into the open, transparent.  
■SHITSUKE For rules on the thing, people have to carefully observe the execution.  
△A typical example is the demands adherence to standards, emphasizes the team spirit. 
△ Form a good habit of 7 s management. 
■SECURITY  Security is to eliminate all unsafe factors in the work, put an end to all unsafe phenomenon.
△Requirements in the work strict operational procedures, it is forbidden to illegal operations.
△Always pay attention to safety, always pay attention to safety. 
■SAVING Form the consciousness of saving cost, take the initiative to implement to the people and things.
△Improve the economic benefit.
△Reduce the management cost.
The major function of the 7s
(1) Let the customer leave deep impression;  
(2) Cost savings, the implementation of the 7 s place is to save the place;  
(3) Shorten the delivery time;  
(4) We can make the workplace safe coefficient very effectively increase;  
(5) Can advance the establishment of a standardized;  
(6) Through 7 s can greatly improve the morale of the staff.

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